How to get Anywhere App icon to show how many unread messages

I just downloaded the anywhere RW app and I was wondering if there’s a way to show how many unread messages I have by looking at the anywhere icon? My old messaging app would show a small 2 at the corner of the icon if I removed the notification from my home screen but hadn’t actually gone into the app to read the messages. I don’t see that for anywhere or how to change my settings. I’m kinda anal about clearing all my notification that show up on my lock screen even if i haven’t actually gone to the email or Instagram notification. I’m guessing this might be an update for future versions but still wanted to ask.

Hi @elisew,

Icon badges are a function of the launcher in use on your phone. The launchers supplied with some flavors of Android support icon badges, others do not. It would help Community to better help you if we knew brand, model and, if applicable, generation of the phone involved.

Meanwhile, you might try this app to see if it helps:

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I have a Samsung galaxy s7. I’ll look into that other app you suggested. Thanks

I’ve been playing with this some. Unfortunately, the only Samsung phone available to me is a J3. Samsung’s bundled launcher definitely supports icon badging and Google’s Android Messages (and other apps) in turn support that. It doesn’t appear Anywhere does so.

I’m going to go ahead and request support for this here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread. I believe Anywhere should leverage the features supplied by the manufacturer wherever possible.

In the interim, I hope the app I suggested provides an acceptable workaround.

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Just a FYI I able to do this in the NOVA Launcher using the TeslaUnread add on
so it may just be a Samsung Touchwiz issue

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Indeed, Nova Launcher supports icon badging via the TeslaUnread add on. I’m reasonably certain TeslaUnread uses a similar approach to Notifyer Unread Count, which I referenced earlier. I suggested Notifyer Unread Count because it doesn’t require replacing one’s launcher.

The above said, the launchers bundled natively with Samsung’s TouchWiz and Huawei’s EMUI already support icon badging. Other apps (like Google’s Android Messages) leverage that support. I don’t see a reason Anywhere can’t do the same. How much of a development priority it would be is a different question. No harm in asking for implementation.

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