How to get credit for Beta Discount that wasn't applied


My wife and I both got Defy XT phones/plans in November 2012. We both upgraded to Moto G (1st gen) phones in April 2015, and are now considering an upgrade to Moto G5+ and a 3.0 plan. After looking at our current bills (1.0 plans) I find that my wife received the 10% Beta Membership discount for the last several years, and I have not. Our current plan is $25 / month for each of us. She’s been saving $2.50 on the plan, as well as lower taxes and fees. According to the Beta Member Service Discount FAQ, we were both eligible for the discount. Shame on me for not noticing before, and shame on RW for not having a system which provided it to eligible members.

How can I go about getting a credit for the $2.50+ I’ve been sacrificing each month?


Hi @guinness12,

You’ll need to have a conversation with Republic staff directly on this one. Most here (including me) are fellow members.

If not already done, please raise a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Help Ticket | Republic Wireless.


Hi @guinness12,

@rolandh has given you the right answer. Please let our support team have the opportunity to research your history and sort things out.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


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