How to get Internet on the go?

I recently bought a new RV travel trailer. I like to stream TV shows, movies, etc. I would like to know how I can get the Internet to travel with me. I have done some research and found a really good article about the different ways, but it was like too much information that I didn’t understand. What’s the best (cheapest/fastest/allows streaming) way to get the Internet while traveling? (as in goes with me know matter where I am)

Please type slowly and speak plain English, I am not real geeky. :slight_smile:

You ask a interesting question. Let me break it down to some specifics:

  1. Is Republic the right choice to provide data for streaming while on the road? The answer here is likely no. Streaming uses a lot of data. While the $5/GB price that Republic charges is quite competitive, because there is no cap on cost, and at most you can buy 15GB from Republic, this could both get very expensive, very quickly and you could run out of data.

  2. So, if Republic isn’t right for this, what is? There are a few options here. One would be moving to another carrier entirely. As an example, T-Mobile offers Unlimited data for $70 with the first 50GB being at full 4G LTE speed and slow downs after that only if the network is busy. A second option could be a portable hotspot. Something like a Verizon jetpack with unlimited service could provide you wifi for both your Republic phone (for calling/texting) and for other streaming devices. The options can get complicated quickly. Finally, many RVers will put an internet satellite dish on the top of their RV. When parked, this can provide internet service to the RV much like you get at home. Lots of options there. Here’s some info:


Thank you. I definitely DO NOT want to switch from Republic Wireless. I have been with them for almost 5 years, I think? I will check out the article that you sent me. Again, thank you!


In addition to the excellent response from Louisdi, I’ll add my 2 cents. I considered one of the unlimited plans mentioned, but determined that the coverage was too spotty to make it practical. I have a mobile hotspot (Verizon) which is great, but it’s not unlimited, and as Louis remarked, streaming really burns up the data. Some of the commercial RV parks have Wi-fi, and sometimes it is actually fast enough to stream video. But that is only “sometimes” because it usually doesn’t have enough bandwidth. I used to take a portable satellite dish along, but we cut the cord, so don’t have that option anymore. So, now we rely on the antenna atop our RV and get whatever free stations are available. Best of all, our current solution gives us more peace and quiet and reading time. It’s almost like camping again.


lol almost like camping again! I have been the tent route. I am now a retired, new rv owner. I want luxury all the way! :wink: My son, who is a geek, just told me “satellite”, but I have not read good reviews. (and that is since posting this) I have spent my day so far on this topic. Beside streaming, I pay my bills and do my banking online. It is imperative that I have access, when I am gone for months at a time. Streaming is something that I really want also. I use fire sticks for my TV connection. I am not limited to “what’s on”; in fact, I do not have limits. So far I have read about WiFi, MiFi, MaxFi (I think it was called), “hot spots”, and a little about satellite. Sounds like satellite is my only option for streaming, and I would have to get portable, since I have a small RV travel trailer.

Thank you for your “2 cents” worth. I will investigate satellite further.

I have an RV. I’ve used mobile hotpots and mobile phone tethering for internet access. It’s OK for doing most of the essentials online, and even for streaming audio. When 5G mobile technology is deployed and becomes mature, we might get to the point where full mobile broadband is economically feasible.


I think @davidw was probably talking about using the satellite dish with a satellite TV service (DirecTV, Dish Network, etc…). Satellite internet service providers are typically a poor choice for streaming video (refer to their Fair Access Policy terms).

If you really want to stream, Verizon has business and consumer 4G LTE broadband. 50GB/month costs $335 plus a $20 device access fee (of course you’ll still be at the mercy of the capacity of the tower to which you’re connected).

Is that $335 a month?

Yes it is.

I would note that per GB it not that far off of Republic My Choice of $5 per GB ($335/50GB =$6.70 per GB)
and if you are video streaming to on a larger screen it may need that much a month

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I am watching a video right now from a young guy who lives in his RV and streams 4K, gaming, and live streams. I don’t know how to put into words the choice of two devices that you can use. This is the name of the youtube video. Off Grid Internet Tutorial: Stream 4K, Online Gaming, Live Stream and more!
This is the website to the article that has the information.

Tell me what you think, please.

WOW! Where’s the thumbs down button? I’d give up TV and go the library to use a computer. lol

The young guy is getting paid (looks like a referral fee) to sell this product, which is simply resold AT&T 4G LTE service. It may work, it may not, or it may not work for long. It might be worth a try, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high.

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I don’t think that you are using AT&T. It’s called Net Buddy. It’s $60 a month/unlimited, and I think the speed depends on the price of the router. The cheap router is “unlocked”. The expensive router covers like 3 or 4 providers.

Here’s some speculation about Net Buddy:

It says right on the Net Buddy site that AT&T is the provider.

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I just looked and AT&T plans ■■■■ when it comes to streaming TV and movies. You’d be out of data in no time. Maybe Net Buddy has found some way to go around AT&T’s cap?

Does Republic Wireless support GSM frequencies? I don’t eve know what this is, but I know that what I am looking at right now says the provider needs to support GSM frequencies.

all Republic supported 3.0 phones support GSM (Republic GSM partner is T-Mobile)

@drm186 is correct, but if you’re looking at a device that requires GSM support because you put a carrier SIM in it, that won’t work with Republic.

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This is what I am looking at. Scroll down to “How it works”

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