How to get new, clean, key pad after entering PIN for callwithus

I’ve signed up with callwithus. After calling stateside number and putting in PIN. The prompt says to dial phone number, but how does one get a clean keypad without disconnecting from callwithus.

U press the keypad icon on the dialer while on a call.
If you post what phone model u have, maybe someone can post a screenshot of the dialer and point out the right icon for you.

You don’t need a clean keypad. You just dial the number when prompted. Callwithus deciphers the DTMF codes (touch tones) as you dial. Callwithus is one of my favorites. Their international call routes generally work where others fail.

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Why? I use and recommend CallWithUs for international calling but fail to understand why with a Republic phone, one would use them stateside.

Mine too: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone.

I think he means after calling the stateside access number (calling card type use).

Ah, I did overlook that possibility. Still why bother with that when one may just dial the international number directly?

o u mean to clear the already dialed numbers on the display…?
There should be a back arrow or something there to delete each number.
But its not necessary to do, but can make things easier to see.

Thank you all. Yes it’s after dialing stateside access number and following with requested PIN. The pin remains on the keypad. When I just started putting the number in, the system said no good. Will see if delete available. I fear not. It’s a Moto X phone.

Just dawned on me that I dialed 011. I don’t think that’s necessary and may be the reason the system shut down the call. Will keep trying. Calling China.

No need to dial the 011 international dialing prefix for a direct call with CallWithUs. All that’s needed is the country code and phone number.

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Thank you! I hope that’s the key. Easy when you know all the subtleties.

Have you set CallWithUs up for use with your Republic phone as described here: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone? Depending on which generation Moto X you’re using, you may need to use CSipSimple. Motorola stripped out Android’s native SIP calling on the X1, X2 and X Pure. I’m uncertain about the X4.

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I’ve set it up, but haven’t gotten to use it. Was stymied by my dialing problems. With the time difference and her working, I’ve not tried calling again. Too many variables. Thank you for your interest and help. I’m babe in the woods.

To Southpaw and others,

Thanks for help. The question on using callwithus: I’m still stymied. After giving PIN, the system asks for phone number. If I then put in the number, I get message: " This card is already used. Dial phone number." Then the call fails. To me this means the keypad has been used and I need a new keypad, which I can’t seem to access. I believe my phone is a Moto X4. There is also no “back” button to erase the PIN number. If I make a mistake, I have to start over.

Thank you! Bentley

Hi @Bentley,

I understand, you’re attempting to use CallWithUs as if it were a calling card. This is indeed supposed to be possible, however, isn’t the best way to use CallWithUs for international calling with a Republic phone. Would you be willing to try the method outlined here: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone? I authored the referenced article and am happy to do what I’m able to help you get this set up.

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Have you asked Callwithus about this message?

Thank you. I thought I had read it. I will reference it much later today or tomorrow. I’ll get back to you. Have to leave for the day.

Haven’t had time to pursue it, and won’t today. Have to leave for the day. Thank you for your interest. That is to be my next move, as well as rereading Republic articles.

To those who tried to help me, thank you. I contacted Callwithus . Terse response: "Enable "access number” parameter in "user settings” menu in customer portal.” Easy when you know how!


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