How to get to keypad while talking to someone

I have a Moto G 1st gen phone and when I called about updating my credit card to add the chip I was asked to enter my card number. I tried but the only keypad that came up was the one to dial a new phone number, not the keypad where I can use the symbols such as (@ # $ % ), I asked this question before and I was told to hold down the number for 1/12 seconds then release it for the same amount of time (that didn’t work). Next response was, on the bottom left there would a ?123 (that didn’t show up). Are there any other ideas that might work?

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You will use the dialpad to enter your credit card number…just like you would use the buttons of a regular phone for entering any information requested in an automated call.

If you are having trouble registering this info while on a WiFi call…then move to an area of good cellular coverage…switch off your WiFi and try calling again.

I still can’t get to the symbols such as (@#$%).

Why do you need to enter those symbols for a credit card number?

There are only two symbols supported by touchtone. Those are * and #. It is not possible to enter any other symbols on a phone call. This is not a Republic thing, it is a touchtone system thing. You’ll find the * under the 7 and the # under the 9.

the phone system is not set up to recognize those symbols

is the # key (below the 9 key) the * is the * key (below the 7 key)

when entering credit card numbers there no need to enter spaces or dashes (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX), when entering dates no need for slashes or dashes (just the 2 digit month and year (MMYY) unless request for the 4 digit year (MMYYYY)

typically they say hit # when done

How do I get to the keypad with insignias, such as $, when I am talking to someone on my Moto G phone? When I touch the keypad symbol, the phone number keypad comes up, not the one where I can get to (@,#,$,% and etc). What do I do to get to that.

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I am not sure which Moto G version you have but there should be a “?123” button on the bottom left of the keyboard. That assumes you have not replaced your keyboard with another app.

Hi @lloydk.t8165c,

While in a call, if you’re looking at the call screen, the keypad symbol will only launch the numeric keypad for entering numbers, * and #. In order to type, for example, to type a text message while talking, you’d need to first tap the “Home” button in order to minimize the call screen, then launch whatever app you’re wanting to type into.

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