How to go back to my old phone, new one doesn't work well

What phone do you have? moto g7 power

What plan are you on? choice 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

Signal reception is very poor compared to my last phone (moto G4+). I need to go back to my old phone. How do I do that?

Hi @johnb.7fad6b and welcome to the Member Community. Sounds like your new phone is active on the GSM network (T-mobile) and your old phone may have been CDMA (Sprint). Here’s an article to see if new phone is active on GSM or CDMA.

If you’ll share just your zipcode (nothing else) others in the community can help you determine which network has the best coverage for you.

If CDMA is best, and your new phone is on GSM, here are instructions for obtaining a CDMA SIM. Moving CDMA SIM between phones is not recommended.

Here are instructions for activating a cell phone if you decide that you just want to go back to your old phone. Scroll down to the How to Activate a Cell Phone tab, select the I’m Activating on an Existing Account and follow the steps.

This is a two prong approach. One to see if a change in GSM vs CDMA is a possible issue with the new phone. The second is to reactivate old phone.

A lot of information, but want to give you options. Please come back if you have questions.

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Thanks freddyp, I did communicate with another expert who helped me
discover that the sim card that RW sent is GSM. He escalated this
back to RW for them to send me a CDMA sim card. I’m not sure how long
that will take (not long I hope.) I need to get this resolved right
away since I use this phone in my work. Thanks again.

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