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College daughter already has a Moto E 2nd gen phone (8GB). She constantly runs out of space for apps though. So, thinking of buying her the Moto E 4th gen phone (32G) for Christmas.

  1. I assume we can move her existing SD card (for photos) to the new phone?
  2. I don’t want to activate the phone until she gets it for Christmas. We can then transfer the number over from her existing phone. Will I have to pay for a data plan on the new phone immediately? Or does that only go into effect after the new phone is activated?
  3. Will her existing (2nd gen) protective case fit the 4th gen phone? Or will I need to buy a new one?


Hi @pams.u9s4pt

Lets see about answering some of your questions.

  1. Yes! The SD card (assuming it was not formatted as internal storage which is an option on newer phones) can be transferred between phones. Just make sure all the photos are in fact stored on the SD card first. (You can also double check as there is an option to move all media to the SD card in the settings / storage option of the phone. )

  2. When you purchase the new phone, you will pay for the phone but you will only pay for the new plan when you activate the phone. The old phone will continue to work until you elect to move the phone number to the new phone. Everything is handled by the Republic app and the activation steps on the new phone.

  3. New phones are almost always a different shape so you will need to get a new case.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!




I faced the same dilemma when I purchased the Moto G (5th Gen) as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter. She sort of needed a new phone because her present Moto X (2nd Gen) wouldn’t message while roaming which is another long story.

I decided to give it to her right away, telling her it was an early Christmas gift. One of my reasons for doing this was the fact that the 14-day return privilege begins right away and I wanted to make certain she was happy with her new T-Mobile coverage. She was, and found the T-Mobile coverage to be far superior to the Sprint coverage on her X2.



@billg you may want to see this announcement



Thanks! Wow, that is a nice deal from RW.


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