How to I change my number/account to another phone?

I’m upgrading from a Moto G to a Moto X (both gen 1s). I want the same plan and number.

I assume I activate the Moto X, then use Moto Migrate from the G to the X. But then what?

Activate My Phone

just activate the Moto X as a replacement for the Moto G and it will take over the number

Moto Migrate can be used to transfer user data (text, Pics) to the replacement phone

So at some point during activation it’ll ask if I’m replacing a phone?

yes you will first be asked if a current customer (say yes and log in) , then it will ask if replacing a line or new line, say replacing a line and select the line of the old phone

Yes it will ask if you want a new line or to upgrade/replace an existing phone/line. I did this recently and it’s pretty straight forward and easy to understand.

As the replies stated, it easily walks you thru it. Migrate took many tries to get it to work, but the number/account transfer was a snap. So RWs part worked great; Motorola’s Migrate not so much.


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