How to keep Android Auto from using all my data?

I started using Android Auto recently so I can easily listen to podcasts in the car and it’s using a ridiculous amount of data. I download the podcasts to my phone over wifi and listen to them using Google Podcasts / Android Auto, so I wouldn’t expect it to use much data. The Republic Wireless app shows that the Google app is using up my data. Does anyone know why that’s happening and if there are any adjustments I can make? I just want an easy way to listen to pre-downloaded podcasts in the car… Thanks!

I’ve not had a lock with Google Podcasts. I’ve found that it uses data when it shouldn’t, stores podcasts in random locations and just generally isn’t a well thought out product. I’ve switched to Castbox and have also used Podcast Addict and in both cases had no issues with those.

Thanks! I’ll try those. Just to confirm, have you used those apps with Android Auto? Are they compatible?

I have been using the Android auto (AA) app with great success for about 6 months now. (This is the actual app rather than the car integrated version)

Using data was a real issue with the original launch. However, you can now manage this easier.

The key, I find, is to build your process where you never bother building a queue. ALWAYS launch your podcasts from your downloads. Once you do, AA tends to remember where you cast from and continues from downloads each time you open it.

It was my experience, that if you try to use a queue that is full with what you think are downloaded episodes, it may still try to stream the episode and use your data.

Google podcasts was very inadequate when first launched. Couldn’t build queues and it almost demanded to stream instead of use downloads. It’s reasonable usable now and integrates with Android Auto smoothly.

I used Castbox but jumped to Google podcasts after a period where Castbox starting having trouble with AA integration.

I really prefer to use the simplified AA display while driving

Yes they are both Android Auto compatible and I currently use Castbox at least 90 minutes a day, through AA, in my car.

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot. BTW, your screenshot was extremely helpful. Thanks for including it!

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