How to keep my numbers private to avoid being accessed by solicitors

I provide a phone line for my mother who is 80 yrs old, on my account.

Recently, she has been getting numerous text messages and phone calls directed at me, concerning political campaigns, telemarketing, etc.

I don’t know how these organizations and companies get my mother’s cell phone number, because I never give it out. I think they access it through Republic wireless, because the only way the number would be connected to my name, is through my cell phone account. I never use my mother’s phone - it’s her phone and I just pay for it.

I would really like to stop those texts and calls to her phone because they are disruptive and confusing to my mother.

Is there a way to prevent anyone from accessing my phone number and name for soliciting/telemarketing?

Or can I at least block texts/calls that are not in her contacts? I’m not seeing that option on her phone (Moto e5 play).

I appreciate any help you can offer!


Hi @rsr and welcome to the Community!

Kudos to you for helping your mother.

It is annoying. These folks have many creative ways of obtaining information but it’s not coming from Republic. There is no phone book of published Republic numbers, nor does Republic otherwise share our phone numbers with third parties.

If not already engaged, you might give Republic’s spam call blocking a try:

Do not disturb might help with that. More from Motorola:

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