How to keep phone secure

I’m interested in learning how to keep my phone secure.
I have a passcode plus fingerprint ID.
I don’t do any financial stuff on my phone.
I have been reading how phones are getting hacked, and 2FA can be worked around.

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions of how to keep my phone secure – apps, things to watch out for, etc.

You’ve pretty much done what there is to do. Sensationalizing hacks is a great way to get eyeballs, so you read a lot about it but in reality the incidence of cell phone hacking is incredibly incredibly small.

The “hacks” are generally caused by people downloading things they shouldn’t (getting apps from places other than the Google Play Store), clicking things they shouldn’t (“you’ve won the Google prize!”), or doing things they shouldn’t (giving someone who calls them and claims to be from Apple support access to their phone).

Bottom line, common sense is the greatest tool available to prevent issue. It’s just unfortunate that we have too little of that going around these days.

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I totally agree with @louisdi. Many users hack themselves with bad behaviors. Hackers depend on that, as it is the easiest way to get “inside” your phone. Assume that any link inside an email you don’t recognize is suspicious.

Strong passwords, 2FA, VPNs, etc.

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