How to limit text messages to contacts?


I’ve read that android phones can be hacked with a text message. Does Anywhere or another android app have the ability to limit text messages to just the contact list? And I mean actually block the message from coming to the phone - is that possible? I have a Moto E.


Hi @heatherg.f4emds,

To the best of my knowledge what you ask is not currently possible with Republic Anywhere or any other Android text messaging app that works with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. The best one can do is block texts coming from specific numbers. In other words blacklisting.

What you’re asking for is whitelisting. The only capable app I’m aware of can do so for calls but not text messages to a Republic phone. This is the referenced app:


Thank you. Based on what you told me, I looked at apps. I’m now trying Call Blocker and Text Blocker by Gizmoquip LLC in the Google Play store. They feature blacklisting, whitelisting, allow only contacts, block all, and accept all. I will see how this works out while using Anywhere.


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