How to locate the RTN number


What phone do you have? s7
What plan are you on? unknown
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

According to RW this is how to check your RTN number but it does not work:
How to Access the RTN Settings on Samsung Galaxy Phones
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To view the hidden RTN cellular settings menu
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
CDMA Cellular Network
Turn WiFi OFF
Open the Phone app
Dial * # * # 786 # * # *
This will bring up an alternate cellular settings page
Tap View
Take a Screenshot and provide to Republic Help in your Help Ticket


May we know what you’re trying to accomplish?


locating my RTN number…you guys posted a how to and it doesnt work


Hi @pricelessme_ct,

I’ve reviewed your current ticket and I can’t see how finding the RTN number would help. I’m going to grab an S7 from our lab and see where the instructions fail, but meanwhile, your ticket is awaiting your response with some other information that would really help get things progressing in the right direction.

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The reason I ask is that on the new phones the number is, well, useless. It is not possible to receive texts or use it for any other reason. It is subject to change. Can’t be ported. Etc. So, if you have a specific need, we may be able to find a better solution. If you’re just looking for the underlying number, I’ll have to let someone who has an S7 help on that front.


Actually, the RTN number is supposed to determine if my phone is refurbished or not…


It gives me a “Dialed number not allowed” on my S7E, but that’s because I have GSM.
@pricelessme_ct do you know if you have a GSM or CDMA phone?

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I see. It does look like those instructions are specific to phones that are on our CDMA network.

It looks like @louisdi has found an app that may provide the information you’re looking for.

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Hi @pricelessme_ct,

While I can’t recommend a third-party app, I just tested the app that @louisdi suggested on our lab phone, and it does have the information you’re looking for.

I have to sign off for a while, but DM me if I can help you with anything, and I’ll check back later tonight. And of course our Community has helpful people like @louisdi who will be glad to help, too.

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Yes was there earlier which is why i looked into it…and found those options do not work which is why i checked RWs forum and those instructions do not work either.


What do you mean they don’t work? I tried the app on an S8 and S6 active, it worked on both. I had a friend try on an S6 and S7 and it worked on both of their phones too. What’s happening with yours?


Thats what I am trying to find out. Neither code worked…neither did the above that RW posted.


did you install the app to find this out or just dial the code?


RW does not approve of 3rd party apps.


Hi @pricelessme_ct,

We don’t officially recommend third-party apps, because we have no way to verify them as safe and supported. We certainly could not expect our members to operate Android phones without using any third-party apps.

I did try the app in @louisdi’s link, and it was able to verify the lab phone as “original.” Once I checked that, I removed the app from the phone.


not always true, support had me install

and take a screen shot and upload it to them when I had a problem a while back…

I tried the phone info app and it worked for both an s7 and s6.

yes normal they don’t want you to install a 3rd party app, willy nilly

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As a RW member since Apr '13 I have been told countless numbers of times…no 3rd party apps…

But this honestly doesnt have to do with my phone issue. I wanted the RTN number and there is a way without downloading some chinese app


I just tried that on my S7 Edge. Cool app, other than the ads! I’m going crazy without root access, so it was fun to play with something new for a few minutes.


I read your old posts, and I feel so bad that you took RW’s not recommending one app over another as not being able to use 3rd party apps. That’s pretty much the whole Play Store, and I would have hated to have had an Android phone for 4 years without putting on any apps. I hope you have more fun with it in the future. That’s a really long time.

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