How to make a private call on a Moto E 2nd Gen. phone?


I cannot find instructions anywhere in the very lame user guide for making calls with my phone number blocked from displaying. That is to say, I’d like to make “anonymous” or “private” calls upon occasion, where my number does not come up on the receiving end. This is easy on a land line: push *67 before dialing the number. How is it done on this phone?


Hi @rickc.agx2ie

I just placed a test call dialing *67 and it did indeed block my number for the receiver of the call.

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Hi @rickc.agx2ie,

Most of the information on using our service is online rather than printed, so it can be updated as needed.
Those instructions are in our calling documentation: Make and Receive a Phone Call – Republic Help


This does not answer the question, given that nothing is said—that I
saw—about what I asked. Also, I did not use the printed version,
probably because there was no printed version. I used the searchable pdf
version supplied by link. No one said anything about an on-line manual.

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Carriers provide the functionality to block number so it is not a phone feature that would be put in the Manufacturer’s Guide. Our calling servers are performing blocking work. Since Motorola phones are sold across multiple carriers, they try to be more generic.


Suppose you already knew that *67 would privatize your call and you’re just moaning about the Moto manuals?


I have better things to do than to “moan” about inferior instructional
materials, especially given their prevalence. I write such things and
know exactly how they should be put together. Whoever assembled the
Motorola effort should have been in the shipping or ditch-digging
department instead.

It did not work when I tried *67 long ago. Now, I have need to call
someone whom I do not wish to be in possession of my cell number, and so
I asked what one might imagine to be a logical and straightforward
question, given that it was not answered in the user guide supplied by
Motorola; neither was the question answered in the link you provided.
That is all there is to it.

I had assumed that those in the “community” were both qualified and
willing to respond appropriately, which has been my experience before
when asking a question. If you were offended, you have my fulsome
apology, although I do not understand why that might be. This seems
pretty straightforward, but perhaps it is not. Were I an expert in these
things, I would consult myself, which I am not, so I didn’t.

What does one do to make a private call?

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from the link @southpaw gave

Caller ID Blocking

You can now block your caller ID from being displayed on calls that you make. This is done by dialing *67 before you dial a number when making a call.

Note: You will need to dial *67 before each call you want to block.

I will admit the jump link did not take me to the section that description it but the link in the table of contents in the link did

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Hi @rickc.agx2ie,

I apologize for assuming you were referring to a printed manual, and I didn’t realize the link I provided was bouncing back to the top of the page instead of correctly staying at the designated “Caller ID Blocking” anchor. I would have quoted it here, had I realized that.

Considering I already have access to your phone number, if you’d like to make a test call to me so I can confirm for you that *67 will block your caller ID, I will be glad to privately DM my phone number to you.

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