How to make sure texts go through in order/numbered or something?

Is there some kind of feature I can use so that people get texts from me in a way that make senses versus all out of order??

Thanks !!

As noted in this document

Troubleshooting Texting Issues

Messages received out of order
This is common when SMS messages longer than 160 characters are sent. The sending provider breaks up the message into pieces, and many providers do not send the message number along with these pieces to allow messages to be placed back in order. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that messages will be displayed in the order they were sent.

Hi @oceanas,

It would help Community to better help you if we knew which Republic phone you have and what messaging app you’re using?

The resource my friend and fellow Community Ambassador pointed you to is very helpful, however, I’m uncertain the section he highlighted addresses your issue. What he highlights refers to messages you receive from others. If I understand correctly, you are referring to messages you send others?

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