How to monitor your data usage

Just checked on data usage and it only shows what was used today. it does not show how much is left of the 1G per month. anyone know how? i did a search under help but did not bring up the right solution. note: i want to monitor data because i used my phone for tethering teamviewer session where remote support was consoled into a modem to check config pages. after mostly 15 minutes of mostly just idleness while he was connected to the config page on the modem thru my tethered phone it apparently burned through 1G of data and said it was out. and that was first time i used data except for accessing maybe 10 of so webpage views per month.

Hi @waynv

Republic offers different ways to check your usage both built in to the phone as well as optional apps you can install to have a better handle on what you use.

Republic Wireless can help display the amount of data you used and have left within the Republic Wireless app. You can find out more in the help pages. You will want to find the Cell Data tab and the app should load the info from Republic Wireless.

You can also check the phones basic monitoring within the Settings App and under cellular data.

If you want more fine detailed reporting, I use another app called My Data Manager which has additional features such as usage alarms and how much you can use calculations. Although it doesn’t stop you from blowing though all your data accidentally, it helps me stay on top of my own usage.

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