How to move apps from Moto G to Moto X2?


What phone do you have? moto g 1st gen and NEW moto X2

What plan are you on? basic 10 dollar plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data at wifi spots only

Issue Description Could not transfer APPS to new phone

purchased NEW motox2 tried to transfer all files and APPS over from g to x2 everything transferred except all apps. spoke with expert about problem thought it was solved but it is not NO APPS transferred over I reset new phone 3x did the migrate thing still nothing??????Please help those apps contain important stuff


Can you reinstall the apps from your Play Store account?


YES but was hoping to avoid all that work to recreate every thing


Migrate was never about transferring apps just the user data, the option to mass download apps option should have happen on 1st boot up of the phone and you linked the Google account during the 9hone setup [should of give you choice of new phone or set up as a previous phone]


I thought that might be the case but mentioned it because so many apps keep their data in their cloud.


The problem was solved…by a member …I went to app store clicked on the 3 bars went to the library of my apps installed the ones i wanted all data was still on the apps (ring tone maker for example) worked out perfect thanks every one


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