How to move call history to new phone?

I bought a new replacement Moto for my wife and activated it on 12/25 using the same number as her previous Republic phone. There is no Call or Text history showing on the new phone although it is available on the on-line portal.

Call and text history / old text messages would not transfer with the Republic activation, only if you backed up those items with your Google account and restored them from the new phone. This is usually done during the initial setup for the phone.

Hi @davidp.ghr5lg this Tips & Tricks article might help you transfer information from the old phone.

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My data and apps transferred but not call history. Apparently I’ll need to use a transfer app. I’m not sue wht Republic can’t do this since they have all the info.

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That would require that Republic have access to the call log on your phone, which they don’t. It would also require that Android have the ability to have the call log populated remotely, which it doesn’t.

Republic has the call and text log available on my on-line account portal. Should be a relatively easy thing for them to migrate. No worries though, I used the SMS Back-up and Restore app and it worked fine.

Indeed they do.

How so? There’s no connection between the call logs maintained by Republic on its website and the history maintained by Android on your phone(s).

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It’s no longer an issue since I used the SMS Back-up and Restore app. Just seems to me it would be a nice “service” for Republic to provide to it’s migrating customers. They’re already collecting and archiving all the data so why not use that info when migrating a number. Anyhow, SMS back-up is a free app so it’s no big deal.

I think the “why not” has been answered multiple times. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. There is NO means in Android to connect the data from Republic’s records to the local records on your device.

Go YELL at someone else. I’m making a simple suggestion. Maybe Republic should go hire someone from SMS Back-up. Geez, cool out.

David, I apologize if you thought I was yelling. I was trying to make the point that what you’re asking isn’t possible. There is no connection between the Republic system and the log on your phone. The developer of SMS Backup couldn’t help as that system pulls the data from your old phone and then restores it on your new phone. It doesn’t touch Republic’s systems. If your old phone was broken or lost, it wouldn’t work.

It’s great to make suggestions, but it those suggestion need to be practical in order to be meaningful. In this case, what you’re asking, syncing the Republic call logs with the call logs on your phone isn’t practical because Android provides no means for doing so and the amount of development to work around the Android limitations would be insane.

Yes SMS backup and restore works well for that.
After you switch phone set it to backup in new phone too. I use it to backup all my call history and sms to my cloud storage once a week at night. It would be better it would be able to do cumulative backup but if I lose /break phone I will only miss up to 1 week of call history/sms

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