How to play MP4?

My friend emailed me a song she recorded in video MP4 format. I think she used her iPhone to do it. I downloaded it on my home computer and am not sure which video player I have installed on there that played it. My Moto Z2 Play is trying to play it using Google Photos. It won’t work. Is there a different app I can use? If there is, will my phone automatically use that app to play the opened or downloaded file?

Try MXPlayer Pro. It can play pretty much anything.
You have to have the file downloaded to your phone though, not stored on cloud lke Google Photos.

I would try the Google Play Music App
if it doesn’t work I have yet to find a media extention that did not play on VLC player

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Google Play Music is installed, the app doesn’t offer an option to play the file. Both MXPlayer (don’t need Pro version) and VLC player work, but I need to go back to my email to open the file from there. The file does not appear in either app. I am pretty sure I downloaded it to my phone already. My email is no longer giving me the option to do so.

my guess is the players are not looking in download folders for the files if you moved the file from downloads to music folder I bet they would find it

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I take that back. I uninstalled MXPlayer due to ads, and VLC no longer worked. So I got rid of VLC. Reinstalled MXPlayer. Works as above, so will go with that for now.

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