How to port number from T Mobile


I want to get a Republic Wireless phone for a peson who has a T Mobile phone currently. How can I port the T Mobile phone to Republic Wireless?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @michell

Your question or inquiry is unclear. If you would not mind adding some detail/background, I am sure the community can help in a prudent fashion.



Good Morning @michell,

Transferring a number from T-Mobile to Republic is relatively straightforward. As observed by my friend @c1tobor, the question isn’t entirely clear. Specifically, are you asking if the phone currently being used at T-Mobile might be used with Republic? In any event, please see if the following helps:

I suggest starting by making sure the number in question will transfer. You may do so here, Switch to Republic | Republic Wireless

Presuming the number you wish to transfer for your friend passes the number check tool and it hasn’t already been done a Republic phone will need to be acquired: Shop Android phones and connected home devices | Republic Wireless (or a SIM card for a supported phone: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help). In order to transfer a number, an active Republic phone is required to transfer it to. Republic will assign a temporary number that will be replaced upon successful transfer of the number in question.

Republic’s documentation describing how to transfer a number and gather the needed information to do so is here: Number Transfer: Overview – Republic Help.

Some additional information for service providers not covered in Republic’s documentation including T-Mobile prepaid here:


Thank you for answering my question. I checked whether the number was
partabel to republic Wireless and it is. I confirm that what I want to do
is to ensure that the person keeps with Republic Wireless the same number
she had with T Mobile and at the same time cancel the T Mobile account.

Once I receive the Republic phone, can you tell me what needs to happen to
make the transfer of the number possible?

If what I ask is not clear, let me know, I will be glad to try to do better.

With my thanks in advance.


The details on how to actually do it are here: Number Transfer: Overview – Republic Help


great. Thank you for this excellent link,


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