How to prepare old phone to mini tablet

I want to let my old phone just use the Wi-Fi, no cell phone number. How do i do this? Do offset then sign in to phone. With a gmail that has no phone associated with it? I don’t want all my Google account info to show up on it.

Hi @josiebelle,

Generally, merely setting up the phone without activating it will allow it to function as a mini-WiFi tablet. If not already done, I would suggest a factory reset first to clear out any personal content still on the phone. It would be a good idea to have a Google account on the phone but it need not be your Google account. Among other things, keeping apps on the “tablet” updated requires access to Google’s Play Store, which, in turn, requires a Google account.

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Thank you Roland. Offset was an autocorrect for reset. You understood it regardless. Good point about the apps. I’ll decide about an old or new gmail account before I start.

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