How to prevent son from adding more data


I just bought my son a Moto E4. I just want to allow him 1gb of data per month. I just noticed that he was able to purchase 3gb more by clicking on the Add More Data button on the Republic app. How can I block that on his phone?


you can only add data using the app on the phone, “well you can request this via support but that is another story”
does your son have his own RW account? or has your password and account information?
the RW app on the phone did not log you out, in the past, don’t know if that has changed…
what about billing infomation?

make sure the phone is on your account and you have logged out of the account on his phone
change your password

he can still have his own gmail account, but must NOT have access to your RW account


Hi @daniela.evqlgk,

On your son’s phone, please be sure you are signed out of the Data Manager. Steps to do so are here:

Changing your Republic Wireless password may also be a good idea. You can do so here:


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