How To Print and Backup Text Messages

On occasion there is a necessity to print text messages, the following instructions are provided to assist with that task.

Necessary initial steps and items:

The apps suggested here are free, easy and reliable to use.

A printer with WiFi capabilities already setup. (If not, see below for Print PDF file and Email PDF file).

Printer app for your particular printer preferred. In my case I’m using HP printer app.

Instructions will vary depending on the app you use.

I suggest using this app, SMS Backup and Restore:

Once the app is installed on your phone, you will need to backup all your text messages. You can set up a schedule or do a single backup to either your phone or a cloud storage site, such as Drive, Dropbox, etc. Drive is already on your phone, if not you can get it here:

Once you login to Drive with your Google account you’re ready to run a backup from SMS Backup and Restore app.

Now to Print!

While SMS Backup and Restore is open:

  1. Tap on 3 bars in upper left corner
  2. Tap on View backups – this will take a second or two to compile
  3. Find the backup date you want to view – this too will take several seconds to compile
  4. Scroll to find text thread you want to print
  5. Tap on 3 dots to the right of the message you’re printing
  6. Tap on Print Conversation – this is the last option
  7. Thread will now be sent to your printer app – from there you can print the thread!

Print PDF File:

Do not have a WiFi printer? Not a problem. This is how to print and email yourself a PDF file that can be printed from a computer and/or sent to individual that requires this text thread.

In this case I am using a HP printer app, with other apps the options offered here may not be in the same place.

Follow the above steps using SMS Backup and Restore. Once the thread is sent to your printer app, tap on top where you would have printer choices. You should see a choice to Save as PDF, choose this.

Tap on print icon, enter a name for your file, tap on Save. You will be able to find the PDF in Downloads.

To Email the PDF file:

  1. Open Email app
  2. Enter necessary information, Send to, Subject line, etc.
  3. Tap on Attachment icon – usually a paper clip
  4. Tap on Attach File
  5. If this doesn’t automatically take you to Downloads, navigate to that location
  6. Tap on your PDF file
  7. Now you’re ready to send the file!

If you’re sending this file to yourself, you can now print it from your computer if need be or save it to your computer for future reference.

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