How to purchase phone only?


I would like to purchase a phone for my friend but when I tried, there was the “Todays Total” and a price for if phone is activated. Is there a way where I can get the phone without a plan?



Hi @Crissyyy

The plan is actually selected during the activation process and done on the phone itself. The selection in the RW store is just a “placeholder” and will not be charged during checkout.

How to Use the Online Store – Republic Help

Let us know if you would like more clarification or have any other questions.



And this is why I’ve recommended my friends to RW. Thanks for replying so quickly~!

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Your Welcome.

I just went through a mock Moto E4 purchase for $99, and the total was like $107.xx, which sounds right.

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How would she activate the plan if she wants to use RW?

She’s prepaid with another carrier and she’s paying $50+! I might choose the $30 plan in case she wants to switch over.



OK, this should help…

If this to be ‘her’ account, she will need a way to be billed…(approved CC/Debit, if this is an issue, we can discuss that further).

The Activation process will walk one through it. I would also strongly suggest creating a Community account and referencing this forum and it’s unique members, for support and advice.

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Does that count as the activation for plan? Or is it the part after where we need to install the RW app through the playstore?

Sorry. I’m old and some of this stuff don’t make darn sense to me. Thank you for your patience and time



This link below should help her choose a plan with a lower cost. There are no refunds of unused data on the 3.0 plans.

A phone purchased from RW should already have the app installed. The activation will ask if a new customer, if so account is set up and the then they would proceed with remainder of steps.

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Hi again @Crissyyy

Don’t be silly!, I learned most of what I know here in this forum! :grinning:

If you don’t mind sharing what you are trying to accomplish we may be able to advise more specifically.

RW has really done a great job in streamlining the app to walk one through activation, compared to previous years.



Well to start off… I want to purchase a phone for someone. When I check out I noticed 2 amounts. Todays Total, which is the price for the phone itself. The other amount is the plan price if activated. I’m wondering if purchased and they turn on the phone, does it immediately activate the plan or is it activated the plan by doing the process from the RW App.



Not necessarily. There are phones one might purchase from Republic (the Huawei Ascend 5W for example) where neither the Republic app or SIM is preinstalled. Generally, Moto series phones for 3.0 will have the app preinstalled but this is true of both phones purchased from Republic and those purchased via third parties.

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The estimated cost of the plan you have selected, per month.[quote=“Crissyyy, post:10, topic:10864”]
I’m wondering if purchased and they turn on the phone, does it immediately activate the plan

Precisiously. :slight_smile:

edit: I am still unclear if you are purchasing a “plan” as well, or just purchasing a phone and helping someone else set up an account.



Well I want to purchase the phone only, and if they want the plan too, then we’ll set up the account afterwards. I just want to be sure I’m not gonna get charged the plan if they don’t want it

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In simple terms no.

The activation process gives the choice to activate phone on a new account which would not be yours.

You wouldn’t be charged for service unless phone activated on your RW account which would require logon with your email & password.


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