How to put contacts on speed dial


all speed dial numbers are no longer there


The quick dial in the dialer app is not really controllable as it a Google logarithms to put what they think you need [base on contacts, recent dialed and recent call received], they can be cleared out by Long pressing the item and dragging to the remove [they can also be reorganize this way by dragging where you want]

For true speed dialing I always make a widget of the contact on the home screen [or in a folder of the home screen]


Can you explain how to make a widget? I’m not very tech savvy and I would like to make sure my Moto G4 does not make unintended calls to contacts on the home screen when I put the phone in my purse or pocket.


A long press in an open area of the home screen should bring up an widget button which will take you to the list of widgets for the apps installed on you phone, the direct dial widget is under the contact app

The best way to prevent unintended dialing is to put a call confirm app on your phone this way it will ask you to confirm that you want that numbered dialed

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