How to reactivate an old phone while your current phone is being repaired


I currently have the $25 1gb plan on my Samsung galaxy s7 edge but i have to send it in to get repaired. How do i move my plan to my older phone which is a Motorola Moto X???



open the Republic App on the old Moto X and go though the activation steps, login and select your current line for an upgrade and the Moto X should activate on the 2.0 Refund plans

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I started the activation on the Moto X. After I pressed upgrade line, it brings me to a plan selection page that has multiple gb Republic refund plans. Which one do I select?



if you currently happy with 1 GB (base ($10) + 1 GB ($15) = $25 + taxes) than I would select the same on the Moto X (any used data will be refunded and one can add more if need)

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On the Refund plans, plan selection doesn’t have any bearing on your net cost. You should set your data on the plan to somewhere north of your monthly usage…but if you run out, you can always make a one-time data buy and any unused data gets refunded back to you. Net data cost at the end of the month is identical no matter how you get there.


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