How to reactivate my old Moto X pure?

My Samsung S9 is giving me problems and I want put it aside while I consider some new phone.

My old Moto X Pure still has its Republic SIM card. I would like to bring the Moto back to life on my account and remove the Samsung.

Sorry but I can’t figure out how to do this. Do I need to purchase another Republic SIM card?

Thanks very much for any help.


Hi @johnr.ommyfq and welcome to the Member Community. See if this article helps -

Be sure to read the links. Come on back if you have questions.

Others might also ask you want type of problems you’re having with Samsung S9 and possibly offer some help with that phone. I don’t have a Samsung so might not be able to help with that phone.

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For the S9, it freezes when I hit the end button on a phone call. I saw posts on trying it in safe mode, or resetting.

It has the December 2 Samsung update. I don’t love it.

Also it frequently fails to open emails on Xfinity.

I will look at the reactivate post above, and thanks. (OK I ordered the card)

@johnr.ommyfq - you might be able to swap the SIM card depending on what SIM you are using GSM (T-Mobile) or CDMA (Sprint). See if this helps -

Article has link with instructions that tells you how to see which SIM card your Samsung S9 phone is activated on.

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Wow thanks Freddy.

This is a (non) hidden advantage of using Republic. I will try the swap while I wait for the new card. Less awkward to swap than wait for card, with the upcoming holiday travel plans. I do have GSM.

Thanks again!!

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