How to read the coverage map -- Leadville, CO



Hi all…

I recently took a trip to Colorado, and prior to leaving I checked the coverage map and it looked like I’d at least have talk+text for most of the trip. In Denver I had solid LTE (dark green), but once I entered the light green area (Leadville, Buena Vista, Fairplay, etc.) I had zero coverage.

Am I reading the map wrong? Or is the map itself incorrect? I’m using a Moto G3 that’s a year or two old.


So, the light green is roaming coverage where you should have talk and text available. The Moto G 3rd generation phone uses Sprint as the cellular partner. It’s possible that you have a Preferred Roaming List (PRL) that could benefit from an update. I can’t be certain this is the case, but it never hurts to occasionally update the PRL. I’ve had occasion where I haven’t had cellular service on Sprint when travelling through a Sprint native coverage area. In these cases updating the data profile often fixed the problem. One other thing to check is that roaming data is enabled.


Good suggestions, thanks! I’ll update those items before travelling next time.

Is roaming data required for just talk+text coverage? I have mine deselected, and my phone states “Disabled for installed apps except for systems apps used for Republic calling, SMS, and voicemail.” It sounds like talk+text should still work even with this option deselected?


Roaming data needs to be enabled in the Android settings (Settings > More > Mobile networks > Data roaming), but may safely be disabled within the Republic Wireless app. If disabled in the Android settings, Talk + text may be adversely affected.


Thanks again for your input! The place where I had it disabled was within the Republic settings. I checked my Android settings, and I don’t see it as an option there.


I’m going to send you a DM regarding this issue.


If you have further information, can you fill us all in?


Some legacy subscriptions are experiencing issues roaming, I privately provided the OP some information regarding how to make sure support checks for that.


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