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How do I reassign my daughter’s phone to myself without resetting either phone, etc.? I just want to move my Republic number/Google account entirely to her phone without losing data. This would be after I’ve upgraded her phone keeping her same number. I am on the 2.0 plan and I know I would then be on the My Choice Plan which she is already on.

Hi @hossie,

Start with setting your daughter’s new phone up first. Once past initial phone setup (follow on screen prompts for that), you’ll activate her new phone using Republic’s mobile app as described here:

Generally, her user content will move to her new phone as part of the aforementioned initial phone setup. Should something get left behind, this might be of interest:

Candidly, once your daughter’s new phone is up and running and her user content transferred, the best way to make her old phone yours is to start with a factory reset, then complete both initial phone setup and activation as mentioned above. It is possible to skip the factory reset, however, you would need to manually add your Google account to her old phone then remove her Google account. Activation would remain the same as described in Republic’s documentation linked above.

Thanks for such a complete response. Believe I can do it🤗


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