How to Recover Old Text Messages and see on new phone

I had some issues with my Motorola Moto G 5+ phone. Took to ibreakufixit store. Neither they nor I knew that Motorola touch located on screen as opposed to mother board location. Long story short, they couldn’t get touch screen to work for Republic Wireless Motorola phone and I want to get my old text backed up and restored. Cost too much at place I contacted. Is there anyway I can do it? I’m semi tech efficient.

Lesson I learned, Republic Wireless phones, regardless of type (Motorola, etc) can’t be fixed at local store. I should have bought new phone and transferred data from old phone to new.

If anyone has ideas on how I can get text messages off my old phone I would appreciate it. At this point, I would have to get memory off mother board and do something with that. I don’t have working touch screen. If you know how to get screen touch control to work, well that might help too.

This just isn’t true. Now, depending what model phone you have it may be old enough that the local stores and Moto no longer have spare parts or the ability to fix it, but that has nothing at all to do with Republic. The hardware is precisely the same as it would be with any other carrier.

As far as your texts, if they’re not already backed up, you’ll likely only be able to sync the last 30 days, using Republic Anywhere. You can download it here: Republic Wireless Downloads – Republic Help

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Hi @karent.k4cvyn,

You mentioned several times that the “touch screen” was not working, but you didn’t call it the “display”.

Is it possible the screen still lights up, but simply doesn’t respond to your touch? If so, since the Moto G5+ supports USB OTG, I would be glad to send you a USB OTG adapter and you could connect a wireless mouse to the phone to navigate the touch screen. Then an app like SMS Backup and Restore could be used to move the text messages to another phone.


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