How to remove billing details after cancelled service

Due to our growing dissatisfaction of Republics changes over the years (been members since beta) we finally swapped to a new service. We were forced into less than 48 hours of service in a new billing cycle because of FedEx weather delays and Republic refuses any kind of refund for a service they did not provide, which should be criminal(I have already disputed this charge with my bank). I want to be able to scrub my account of details to prevent them from even attempting to charge again next month. How can I remove my card and billing details because I don’t see an option to do that?

I ordered a 5.0 plan on Dec. 29. I was billed on Dec. 30. I received the SIM card and activated on Jan. 3. After activation my next billing date was set at Feb. 3. I wasn’t billed for any service I was not able to use (since next billing date was moved out a month from activation date). Are you sure this isn’t the case for you?

Hi @reboot.revival,

You’re not going to like the answer because what you ask is not possible:

One can try updating the information on file to something that would fail, however, removing payment information is not possible. You can also ask your bank to place an ongoing stop payment on any transactions from Republic.

Why should Republic be allowed to keep billing information on an account I closed? I don’t even want the account at all. I want my information to be removed and shut down. If they “cannot” or refuse to provide refunds, then they have no justification for retaining billing information on a closed account.

I cannot think of a single company that is REQUIRED to keep active billing information on file, for an inactive account. So that answer just doesn’t add up.

Hi @reboot.revival,

In case you’re unaware of it most of us (myself included) answering here in Community are fellow members just like you. We are, for the most part not Republic staff.

I fully appreciated you were not going to like the answer as others before you have not liked the answer. The bottom line is neither you or I can change the answer nor am I going to attempt to explain why beyond what Republic provides in the help article I linked for you. It is what it is.

I’ve attempted to give you some practical suggestions for moving forward. You may use those (or not) at your discretion.


Hi @reboot.revival,

Could you please share the ticket number with me where this conversation took place? I’m not able to find anything recent in your ticket history.

Edited to add:
I’ve removed the parts of this conversation that devolved into a personal squabble. If you’d like to reiterate your concerns about our policies, please feel free to do so.

There is no ticket. I called customer service when our plan was cancelled after the phone numbers were successfully transferred( which was less than 48 hour after the monthly bill) and they refused to issue a refund or provide any answer that wasn’t scripted.

Our phone agents are supposed to create a ticket to summarize any call. I’m sorry to see that didn’t happen. I’ll open a ticket on your behalf to continue the conversation.

(I did find the call recap. It was not filed in a way that would allow it to show up in my first search.)