How to remove digital app from Starbucks Game?

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have a Moto X4, digital talk & text plan.

I recently signed up for the contest with Starbucks. I have their app on my phone, but in order to play this new game I had to allow something to be downloaded on my phone. Ever since then my battery is so low and will not charge but a little bit.

I would like to remove this digital tracker snooping device. Can you help guide me on how to do this? I’m not sure the name of it.

I found an app called NativeDropBoxAgent and disabled it. I don’t know what that is, and if it is used for anything I might need. If it is the one that is tracking my every move how do I delete it from my phone?

There is an app called Device Health Services, 20.98MB. Anyone know what this is and can I remove it?
And I found Actions Services, 54.96MB. Anyone know if I can remove?

Can I remove the following without causing a problem on how my phone works:

Google Japanese Input
Google Play Books
Google Play Games
Google Pinyin Input
Google Indic Keyboard

I believe my low battery issue and not charging started after I downloaded whatever from the Starbucks Game. It asked me and I said yes. It’s a digital tracking device.

Thought I would ask about some of the other apps while I’m here, but my main concern is that new one I downloaded.

Thanks much!

That belongs to the service DropBox (a corporate used file sharing service) and is included by Motorola on all their OS images. It is inactive until you activate it and is not spyware.

Part of Motorola’s troubleshooting software and should be left alone.

Part of Moto Actions and should be left alone

The three keyboards (Japanese, Pinyin & Indic) can be disabled without issue if you don’t use them.

I wouldn’t remove the other Google pieces because it can be hard to tell what apps might use them.

Uninstall the Starbucks App. Then restart the phone. If you want you can then reinstall the Starbucks App and it’ll be back to its default settings.

Thank you. But I know there was something that I allowed to download on my phone from the Starbucks contest, it’s not the Starbucks App. But I will remove and reinstall.

I appreciate all the other info, it’s very helpful. I still believe my issue is outstanding. Maybe I should call Starbucks and see if they know what it is called and how to remove it?

Thank you.

Also, my battery won’t charge even while having it plugged in. It’s just not charging. Is this another issue?

@sharig You can boot your phone into Safe Mode?

This turns off all the apps you have added. Does your battery charge normally in Safe Mode? If it does not, I would say you should look for some other cause beyond the Starbucks app and whatever came along with that.

Also, open the Settings app and select Battery
If you see a box titled “Usage Details”, touch that to see which apps are using the largest percentage of your battery.


@sharig Did you ever get these issue resolved?

Okay, I’m a little embarrassed! Apparently I had the charger plugged into the phone the wrong way, I flipped it around and it went to turbo charge. So the battery did get charged


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