How to remove green areas around Sim card?

I have a Moto g7 Power so I believe the smallest Sim is what I need. However, in removing the green cardboard around it, some it is still there and hard to remove without bending the Sim. Is there a good and safe way to remove the remaining green cardboard? There’s a pic below to explain, thank you for any suggestions.

The G7 uses the Nano Sim, the smallest size that you can punch out, mine has some white around it, and note the angled corner when placing in the holder

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Based on your photo…if that portion on the left is still stuck on there…it seems like a manufacturing defect. You can use a pair of scissors to chop off the excess if it isn’t coming off on its own.

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Hi @chrisl.dlkngg,

Please let us know if you were able to get the SIM card separated. I’ll be glad to send a replacement if it is needed.

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