How to remove republic app from Moto G3


I am currently very happy with my Moto Z Play, but I want to use my old Moto G (3rd Generation) as a wifi-only phone that stays in the house. This phone is a Republic 2.0 phone, and I understand it can’t go to other carriers. But I’d really like to upgrade to Android 6 (Marshmallow) and remove the nagging Republic app. Is there any way to do this?


Hi @stevea.0tfkop,

I’m sorry to say the answers are no and no.

The Republic specific Moto G3 uses a modified Android ROM, which cannot be upgraded to Marshmallow. The Republic app is part of that modified ROM and, therefore, cannot be removed.

Is the Republic app nagging you to reactivate the phone? If so, there are two methods I’ve seen put a stop to that:

  1. Factory reset the phone.
  2. Reactivate the phone as an additional line of service, then immediately cancel.


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