How to replace defective phone


Hi, We have been RW customers since beta and have had a great experience, however we recently upgraded one of our phones to the moto pure. we love the phone except when we talk to others, or if we use our other phone to talk to each other, it seems the microphone on the new pure phone is defective … it cuts in and out … goes very faint, to nothing at all, then back to normal. I assume it is just a bad phone, what do we have to do to get a replacement please?


How recently? There is a 14 day guarantee that you could use to replace it if you are in that time frame. I would make a support ticket out and see if RW can help you.


I’m not sure when it arrived, but looking at my account history we were charged for it June 12th … so it is past the 14 days. We did not know at first that it was defective … everything seemed fine and she does not talk on the phone much. but she had some people complain that they could not understand her and that it was cutting in and out … we assumed perhaps it was our wifi here and there … but then I called her from my phone and we did several tests and realized … it does not mater if she is on wifi or not … or where she is … it is fairly consistent … consistently bad. we are not asking for a refund or anything … just a working phone …


I don’t remember reading of bad speakers or mic’s on the Moto pure. I hope RW can help you. There is also the Motorola route where they send you a phone and hold a Credit Card charge until the broken phone is returned. That route is better than waiting a Month + for Moto to have turnaround on a phone repair/ replacement.


Hi @karene.ea8t99,

Your phone has a one-year warranty through Motorola. You can open a support ticket with us (RW) and we will troubleshoot to make sure it is indeed a hardware issue. Sometimes issues like you are describing will clear up with a cache-clear or by removing a rogue app.


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