How to Replace My Existing RW Phone With a New, Better One?


My existing RW Moto G4+ phone isn’t lost or stolen, it’s damaged physically but it still works. I would like to replace it with a Moto G5+. When I look at buying a G5+ on the RW website, I’m asked what kind of plan I want…the answer is “what I’ve got now” but that isn’t an option. I also am seeing an activation fee listed.

Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere on the website that tells how to purchase a replacement for an existing RW phone and how to transfer phone number, data and apps to it?



You want to activate the new phone as a replacement for your existing phone. The number will transfer:

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If your currently have a Moto G4, you will be able to keep your current plan. The plan you see at checkout is just informatory. You will make the final plan choice when activating the phone. If you activate your new phone as a replacement, your current plan will transfer (again assuming you have a Moto G4.)

There is no activation fee, so I’m not sure what you are setting that makes you think there is.

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