How to report poor cell signal/data speeds to underlying carrier?

Is there is a way to report poor Cell signal or slow data speeds issues at certain locations to R.W.'s underlying carrier?

Back when I was on Sprint, in their app to mange your account, you could click an option to report network issues or slowness. It would submit a report and logs along with GPS location to the carrier. I did this for many locations while on Sprint, and a few months later, nearly every one of those locations I saw improvement.

I have run into a few locations where the GSM tmobile data speeds are very low and have issues, and would like to report them to Tmobile. Since R.W. does not do anything thing with the actual towers or underlying network maintenance, because they are a MVNO, I would guess reporting such locations to R.W wold not be practical.

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Since you are a Republic Wireless customer, you should report any issues to Republic Wireless. They can raise a carrier ticket. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any rapid fixes. The carriers all proactively monitor their towers and are generally aware of any issues.

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The only option in the R.W app is to toggle the “Provide Call Quality Feedback” setting.
Which is only for calls, not LTE data speeds it seems.
And it only pops up when u hang up a call.

There is nothing automated in the app. To report issues to Republic, one needs to open a ticket. That said, I agree with @cbwahlstrom, I don’t think doing so is likely to get the carrier partners to address something sooner than they otherwise would.

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