How to request CDMA card for order just placed with RW?

I just placed an order with RW for a Samsung A11.
I need to make sure it has a “CDMA” card in it; how do I request that?
Item was ordered 11/30/2020 @ 1345.

Hi @eugenew.axr5tz,

It appears that when ordering your new phone Republic will choose the best SIM for you:

But, just in case you end up with a GSM SIM, here is how to request the CDMA SIM:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I had to change my sim from GSM to CDMA in order to have better connectivity around Eastern NC. That improved my service tremendously.
I was trying to see if I could go ahead and get a CDMA card rather than the GSM that RW gives us with a new phone. I assume I will get a GSM card with this new phone, I don’t know…just guessing based on phones I have purchased in the past.
Thanks again for the info and your timely response.
ew (New Bern, NC)

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Hi @eugenew.axr5tz,

I’ll check on your order. We can’t change what is shipped with the phone, no matter whether the system selects GSM or CDMA for you, but we can always ship another SIM card.

What type of phone are you replacing?

Hi again, @eugenew.axr5tz,

I’ve arranged for a CDMA SIM card to be shipped to you, and have messaged you through our Help Ticket system with some details about that order.


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