How to restart w/broken power button

This is my problem; found a previous post. phone didn’t lock up though. I wasn’t resolved. Repair shop said they’d have to send it out for three weeks so I reset it to wipe it. RW says I have to do a restart, but everything appears to be working. I’m planning on getting a new phone during Black Friday specials, and having the repair shop fix this one for a backup. Already paid them for the first “repair” so everything else is on them, including the screen damage they caused.

Moto G5+, Oreo 8.1.0

My power button no longer works. My phone locked up so I did a factory reset since I couldn’t reboot using the power button. Now the phone gives me a message that I need to restart the phone to complete installation. (doesn’t say installation of what). The phone seems to work though. Is there an app that I can download to use to reboot the phone instead of using the power button? I can’t find anything else already on the phone that just allows me to restart besides the factory reset.

Thanks all!

Hi @phild.njpgsw and welcome to the Community!

Might that be activation rather than installation? Generally, after a factory reset, one must open Republic’s mobile app to compete “activation”. That does require one restart the phone.

In any event, perhaps, one of the apps here at Google’s Play store would be able to stand-in for your phone’s power button:

Apps I found didn’t seem to apply. I’ll check again.


Found app “power menu”. Worked. Thanks!


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