How to restore quick settings menu on Moto E4?

I have Motorola E4. Not sure of my plan. I think it’s My Choice. It includes data.

Issue Description

My quick settings menu disappeared. I didn’t install anything. I tried powering on/off, with no effect.

How do I restore the menu?

Hi @danielg,

You might try clearing the Android system cache as described by Republic here: Clearing the Cache – Republic Help.

No, that didn’t work.

what happens when you try to go to the quick setting screen?
is the screen blank or is there no screen that comes up
if blank (quick setting options gone) is there a pencil icon on the top of the screen tap that and then tap the :dots: then reset this should restore the quick setting

if this does not work what happens in safe mode
if issue is still happening in safe mode it might take a factory reset


Thanks! It was a blank screen. I must have cleared all the icons somehow. I restored them. Problem solved.


your welcome

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