How to save voice mails


I apologize in advance if this is a “dumb” question. I have a Motorola Moto G4 and the Device Help is the worst I have ever dealt with. It doesn’t address the simplest questions, and I don’t find them answered online either. So maybe they are TOO simple, and obvious to anyone not new to a smart phone (this is my first and I think was a poor choice for someone totally unfamiliar with Android).

Sooo…here’s one of my “dumb” questions: I received a voice mail from someone who is now deceased. I want to keep it long-term, for obvious reasons. How can I “save” it? Is there a way to archive it, or “lock” it? I don’t want it showing up every time I check voice mail, as if it is a new message, and I’d also like to make sure I don’t accidentally delete it. How does Republic Wireless move a voice mail from the “to be heard” to “heard and am keeping” category?

Thank you.


I don’t know RWs policy on keeping voicemails but after several recent factory resets on my phone it would seem like none ever get deleted unless the user specifically deletes them. That being said I would imagine you would want a copy of your voice mail that would be independent of your service with RW.

One way would be to take a male to male 3.5mm audio cable (the kind that has a headphone jack at both ends) and plug it into the mic input on your PC and the headphone port on your phone. That port is usually colored pink on a desktop or look for a mic icon on a laptop. Then open up a recording program, Audacity is a free one, set up the mic port as the audio input. Begin playing the voice mail. Start with the volume low then slowly increase it until it becomes loud and distorted. Then back down the volume a little. Once you like how it sounds you can click record and play the voicemail. Without a visual voicemail service this is something that is still difficult to do in 2016.


Good Morning @claireh.i58hgb,

Republic does have a limit on stored voicemail of 500. Details on that and how to use Republic’s voicemail generally here: Voicemail.

For something as important as what you describe, @jasonc.j7er2y’s suggestion is currently the best available means of archival. Though Republic will store the voicemail for you indefinitely (so long as your under that 500 threshold); should you ever accidentally delete that important voicemail from your phone, it’s gone for good. Republic would not be able to retrieve it for you.


the easiest way to save an important voicemail is to recorded off the phone, (have the phone play it while another device (like a computer) How to Save Your Voicemails Forever


Thank you. These have all been REALLY helpful. I will find a way to get it off the phone and onto something more permanent!