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I downloaded the app called MacroDroid from the Google Play store and set it up to automatically enable wifi once daily if it is disabled. With MacroDroid’s system of Triggers, Actions, and Constraints, this was as simple as setting a Trigger time each day (I chose 5 a.m., because it would not interfere with anything if I had disabled wifi for a reason), selecting the Action to enable wifi, and selecting the Constraint that it would only do so if wifi was disabled (so that the app wouldn’t take any needless actions). It should look something like this screenshot in the app:

There are several other ways to use MacroDroid to remind users to enable wifi after it’s disabled. Continue reading this thread for ideas.

It only recently happened to me for the first time, but others may have experienced the same problem. I turned off wifi on my phone, then I forgot to turn it back on – for several days… In four years, I might’ve used up my cell data during a billing cycle once. Now I’m twelve days into a billing cycle with less than 10% cell data left. I find myself wishing there was a notification that told me, “Hey, your wifi has been turned off for [24/ 36/ 48/ whatever] hours. Did you mean to do that?” So, I put the question to the community: Is there a way to arrange such a notification? App or phone settings would work for me. I’m using a Moto X Pure.





The App that @nathanb.puhlyv offered has been very successfully used by many in the community to overcome a problem where the WiFi goes to sleep if the phone is idle > 1 hour.
See: Are your calls going to voicemail when your phone is sleeping?

  • In your case you should be able to build something that will work as the program has Triggers such as WiFi State Change (WiFi Disabled) which could be followed with an action like ;Wait Before Next Action, then additional Actions set a Notification etc
    • It is pretty straight forward, once you get the hang of it


There is already a MacroDroid template named “WiFi on if app needs”. Look under Templates, then Top Rated, and then scroll down about 50 or so. The templates are sorted by the # of likes and this one has 33 at this time.

If you haven’t used MacroDroid before, each template has 3 sections : Triggers, Action, and Constraints.

For Triggers you need to specify which applications you want to be reminded to turn on WiFi if WiFi is off.

Under Actions, there is an option to specify whether the app needs to be running in App foreground. Press the green menu button, tap Configure, tap OK for Option. It will pull up a list of your apps so that you can specify which apps that are running in foreground need WiFi on.

For Constraints, WiFi should be Disabled and Mobile Data ON. And don’t forget to tap the Check mark to save each change.

When running an app that you specified in the macro that uses data and WiFi is off, there is a prompt asking you to turn on WiFi. If you tap Cancel, WiFi is not turned on and you will use cellular data. Tap OK, and WiFi is turned on.

Another option is to create a macro to automatically turn on WiFi at a specific time each day or at a regular interval, such as every hour, if WiFi is disabled. A search for “turn on WiFi” in the app will bring up many examples.


Thanks for the excellent write up … that’s a great example of how we all learn and help others. Nice way to start the New Years!


Excellent write-up @haptown! I’ve moved this thread to our Tips & Tricks category, and will be DMing you to thank you for this contribution with a small surprise.

@stephenm.kd0fcu, please also watch for a DM from me to follow up about your data.


Good stuff! Quite often, I don’t get texts until I wake up the phone. Since the time stamp is the time I woke up the phone (grrrr), I never know how long it’s been since the texts were sent.


Many thanks, folks! I set it up to turn wifi on if it’s disabled each day – shouldn’t be a problem any more :smiley:


It would be great if you could amend your original post, that way you could add the fix you implemented (reference Macrodroid) and a screenshot of the routine you used. This would make it easier for other users that may want to use the procedure.


I think I got it :smiley:


Thank you for excellent input on Macrodroid. You write this concisely and simply, which makes your input extra helpful. Content of your writing easily commits to memory so I can apply this when tasking to improve phone configuration.


This is good stuff. I can see how maintaining a compendium of this type of input could be used for future SIM Card modifications to keep user costs minimized. Since the SIM Card is part of the Republic Product, Republic can maintain a lead among competing companies on affordability AND value. High or highest value gives a company growth inertia while minimizing marketing costs.


Here is another MacroDroid macro to check once a day to see if WiFi is disabled with a prompt to turn WiFi on or not. Another Trigger option is Regular Interval where one could check every hour or two.

Appreciate the kind words and glad to be able to help!


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