How to setup a new phone



I bought a phone from Republic about a year ago. It only has 8GB of internal memory so I wanted to upgrade to a new phone with more memory. When I upgrade do I have to cancel my old account and get a new number? When I get the new phone where do I start to cancel the old phone and get the new one registered and working?

Does Republic have a phone trade in program? I couldn’t find one.


When activating the new phone, you will be given the option of replacement/upgrade. This will transfer your phone number from the old phone to the new phone.

Note that 3.0 phones will need to be on a 3.0 plan.

If you buy the phone from Republic, they are doing a soft roll out of Sprint. So depending on what their computer says is the best network for you, you may get TMobile’s network or Sprint’s network.

Republic doesn’t offer a trade in program. You can sell the phone on Swappa or EBay or keep it as a backup.

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones