How to setup my "new" Moto E 2nd gen, presently have a working broken one

Hello, I have a functioning Moto E 2nd gen phone that I bought new in June 2016. The screen is badly cracked and the earpiece doesn’t work without plugging in a headset. I currently am using the basic plan.
I acquired another identical Republic Wireless Mot E 2nd gen. used phone. I would like to know if there is a step by step tutorial on how I can activate this new phone. I am clueless on how I should do this and wether I need to swap SIM cards etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @patrickm.viqgb2,

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This should help you…

This is if you want to keep your number:

And this is if you want a new number:

Super T,
Thank you for the Speedy reply! Yes I want to keep my number, I will check it out.
Thanks again!

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Do I leave the SIM cards as they are now? My old SIM in my old phone, the new SIM in the new phone?

The SIM’s in thoses legacy phones need to stay put. You don’t need to do any swapping. :slight_smile:

OK, Thank you. I seem to be in a loop now. When I start up the new phone it wants to verify my account (google). I type in my email google address and enter and then it wants me to confirm by checking my moto e (the old one) which I do and confirm screen lock but then the “new” phone says privacy accept and continue then the verify your account (google) comes up again.

The newer phone… was it factory reseted?

Don’t know, doubt it but thats just a guess

I would Factory Reset it then try again.

If that still fails I’m outta ideas for now. But lucky you there are other smart Members here that will pop in with ideas. But try the reset and let’s see what happens. :face_with_monocle:

OK, Thanks Super T!

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Quick question, does your ‘new phone’ have both of the two Republic Wireless apps that are required for the legacy phones … else it may not be the real thing (unless of course, you previously had this phone active on RW)

So I am a quandary, there are apparently two ways to rest, through the settings or recovery.
I can’t get past this loop of verifying with Google where it has me use my old phone to unlock my screen lock so I can’t get to the settings. I haven’t tried the recovery mode method but afraid it may lock me out? Should I go that route? Maybe its the only way to go?

I meant to write:
So I am at a quandary, there are apparently two ways to RESET,

jben, I don’t know as I can’t get past the Google verify screen, I have the box it came in with all the assorted Motorola #s

In the tutorial on how to reset using the other method it states: “You should only need to perform a factory reset through recovery mode if your cell phone is frozen/unresponsive”
Well my “new” phone is not really frozen/unresponsive. But maybe it is my only other method?

  • What would be the numbers associated with the ‘new E2’
  • I believe you are saying you purchased this E2 from ‘someone’ and it’s true heritage is unknown … is this a fact?
  • Is there Republic app :rw_app: in the app drawer :appsicon: ?
    • If not it’s not a Republic legacy phone

Does this describe what you are seeing?

Perhaps the previous owner did not factory reset correctly to disable the kill switch.

jben, You are correct in that I bought this from someone off ebay but still feel it is a Republic phone. I can turn the phone off and on only. Once on I get stuck in a loop. When I start up the phone it “activates” then I get a WELCOME screen where I select “English” , then it sayings checking connection and gives me a screen that says “about your privacy”. I accept and continue then it checks for updates and gives me a Google screen that says “Verify your account” , I put my email address in and continue and the next screen says check your Motorola Moto E , When I look at my “old” moto e a google page it says “trying to sign in? I say yes and then the “new” moto e immediately goes back to a moto screen that says " about your privacy” where I hit accept and continue and I am back to Verify your account again , stuck in a loop.This is the UPC from the box: UPC 723755006256 Thanks for any insight.

A quick Google of UPC 723755006256, validates that this is a Republic Wireless phone
UPC 723755006256 has following Product Name Variations:

  1. Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen.) Wifi Cell Talk & Text Republic Wireless Android
  2. Republic Wireless Moto E 2nd Gen 8GB White 4.5" 5MP 1GB RAM 2390mAh Smartphone
  3. Moto E Lte (2nd Gen. With 4g) - Us Cellular - 8 Gb - Black (lot 6691)

I would explore the reference that @cbwahlstrom provided above to continue your quest

cbwahlstrom, Hmm, could be. My “old” phone is running Android 5.1, assume the “new” Moto e 2nd gen is also? It says Google implemented the kill switch starting with 5.1. How can I be sure? Maybe I should try the factory reset while powered off? Thanks for your help.

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