How to share messages to email Moto-e4

I have tried a google search for the procedure, but I am not getting the same screens as described. I want to forward a text message to an email address.

I don’t have an E4, have you tried a long press on the message, to see if any additional function shows up?
All Moto devices have :motohelp: Moto help, you can find it in the :appsicon: app drawer, here you should be able to find device specific instructions

Don’t have an E4, but on my X4, if I long press on the message, it becomes highlighted and an icon appears at the top of the screen, just to the left of the trash can. Looks like two stacked pieces of paper which means Copy. Then compose your email and long press for Paste.

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Thanks @ford44, my foggy old brain tried to tell me that ‘long press’ was the cell phone equivalent of the PC’s 'right click’ but had no Moto product to test with

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Hi @HBoyter - here’s the easiest way we’ve found to forward a copy of a text message to an E-mail address on our Moto G6s.

  1. Open Messages App

  2. Select thread that has message you want to forward

  3. Long Press the specific message you want to forward (send) – message color changes

  4. Tap three dots (upper left) and select share. You will get icons at the bottom of the screen showing options available for sharing.

  5. Tap Gmail - this will open compose window in Gmail

  6. Enter email address and subject then hit send. This will send a copy of the message (including any picture attached) you want to share using your Gmail account. No need to copy and paste.

Think this will be the same for the Moto E4 or close enough to get you going. Hope this helps!

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