How to solve phone issues for parent when account e-mail address is unknown

**What phone do you have? don’t know

What plan are you on? don’t know

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? wifi talk and text

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Hi @sarah.b3tuvc,

I think the Community is going to need a little more to go on, if you’d like some help helping your parent.

Is your parent a Republic Wireless member?

What kind of phone issues are happening?

My mother’s phone is not working today (a Republic phone) and I am sure her bill is due today and should have been paid automatically by credit card. Republic has sent email notifications in the past for any account issues. How do we find out if Republic has tried to contact my mother about her account if we can’t recall the email account? (Republic does not acknowledge the email account we thought we used.)

If the account is in your mother’s name, then your mother will have to work with our Help team to verify that she is the account owner, and once verified, they’ll be able to help her regain access to her account.

It’s not a particularly simple process, because we have to protect each member’s privacy and account security, and we must do so while following some very strict federal government regulations.

The process begins with your mother e-mailing our Help Team at from an e-mail address where she will see their replies.

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By the way, we don’t suspend service immediate on the day the bill is due. So it sounds like something else may be going on.

My mother is trying to reach me and I try to call her, too. “Republic wireless number you have called is not available.” She has turned off phone to reboot and charged phone, still not working.

We will have to email Republic another time.

The message that says “The Republic Wireless member you have called is not available” is the default voicemail greeting.

When I call your mother’s number, my call goes to voicemail after 4 rings (which means the phone is on and in service) and I hear that greeting.

You might try making sure she has the ringer turned on.

What happens when she tries to call you?

I see an incoming call from my mom, she doesn’t hear my hello. Her phone is still trying to place the call then stops (I don’t hang up, her phone does.)

Please have her try refreshing the Republic activation:


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