How to stop picture taking when screen locked mode LG K30

What phone do you have? LG K30

What plan are you on? WIFI

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? no data

Issue Description

<!--When I lock my phone by pushing button in the back, I find it takes pictures when i put in my pocket. I have a security password design to open my phone, but the camera starts automatically. I've been to the shortcut screen to take it off, looked through other lock screen options, but if I press the back button, screen goes dark but pressing volume button brings the camera on and it randomly takes pictures.. I would like to turn it off and only open phone after swiping my pattern and choosing the phone. I do not need auto camera. thanks!

I also have by smart lock on body turned off, camera still turns on and takes pic with volume buttons

Hi @deborahs.haeu09,

To turn off that shortcut, tap Settings > General > Shortcut keys (about halfway down.) On that page, turn off “Open Capture+/Camera.” This is oddly hidden at the very bottom, you have to scroll down to find it.


Thanks that did it! It is buried and skipped right over that.


Thanks @deborahs.haeu09 and @jedi_n,

I’ve added an article to our Help Center based on your question and answer.

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