How to Stop Unwanted Spam Calls


That’s what I was expecting the answer to be. Unfortunately ~99% of all the Spam calls I get are spoofed and the number is rarely repeated.


While the new method may not initially block spoofed numbers, since

to me that says the number may be blocked during a spam run, protecting at least some customers.


Terrific! Every added defense helps.


Could you add an optional feature to block calls from certain area codes if not already saved in the contacts list? My regular phone number and underlying phone number have different area codes. Virtually every call I receive from the underlying number’s area code is spam, with the exception of numbers already stored in my contacts. On the flip side, I currently reside in an area whose main area code differs from both mine and my underlying number’s, so virtually every call I receive from my local area code is a legitimate call.


My phone doesn’t have “Call and Voicemail settings” - just “Voicemail settings.” There is nothing there that helps me to block spam calls, though I can do so through my recent calls. Is my J7 Galaxy too old to have this feature?


Kudos on RW’s continued efforts in the SPAM call war! Every contribution most certainly helps in advancing the solution. :+1:

That said, another very important contribution that RW’s software engineers can make is to add the ability for users to build custom filters. This is discussed at some length in a thread over here.

In the announcement of this new capacity, RW does mention that it will not be able to block every SPAM call. The solution they present will not address repeated calls from different numbers when those different numbers are passed through RW’s (and its third-party service’s) SPAM filters without being blocked. Since the numbers change on every call, a user’s local block list will grow without effectively preventing future calls.

The solution proposed in the thread referenced above will go a very long way towards fixing this “loop hole.”

Thanks again, RW, for all of your hard work! Keep it up! :tada:


Hello @Cliq
what Republic App version do you have ?
it may need to be updated as this was introduced in


I have a Moto G5+ and am experiencing the same as @Cliq.


So glad to see this feature! Everyone I know is being systematically subjected to persistent, automated attacks by these scoundrels. Even if it’s only 50% effective, it’s a fantastic response. I’m frankly surprised that the major carriers have not worked more diligently to rid their networks of these parasites.


Aha! After I updated the app, all was well. Thank you so much for your quick response. Republic Wireless rules!


One does have to wonder about the financial motivations of the large networks that get paid to carry these calls…


I have a 386 area code but live in another state. All the spam calls I get are from 386 spoofing my area code. None of the non-spam calls I get come from area code 386. Can I instruct either RW or my Android phone to block all calls from area code 386?


Kudos for the spam filter however its really not enough. Any number in our address book should be whitelisted, there’d be no worrying about the school calling, I don’t know one parent that doesn’t have the school number in there phone, or doctor, or etc.

A better solution is NOMOROBO. An antispam app for android work works of a database of known spam numbers thats pretty effective. I’ve use to get 10-15 calls a day, now its 2or 3 a week that slip through and you can add any that do. Also, if you have a landline, its freee for landlines. The phone app is a worthwhile $1.99 a month.


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I don’t have these options on my phone - maybe something is wrong with my phone.


What model phone do you have?


Is this feature only available for My Choice plans? If so, why not make it available to Talk & Text plans?


Hi @ashleyc.pluehn,

This is available on the My Choice Talk and Text plan. We are not able to implement the feature on our 2.0 app.


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Love anything that reduces unwanted calls. Thanks

Any chance of including an option to block all numbers not in contacts AND send those unwanted calls to voicemail?