How to Stop Unwanted Spam Calls


No, it’s not available for the 1st and 2nd generation Moto X, or any of the legacy phones (Moto G 1st and 3rd gen, Moto E 1st and 2nd gen).


No. This is, however, a much needed feature for RW’s present app. I have been running the latest version of their app for several weeks now and it has reduced my spam call rate by about 0.001%. The problem is rooted in an overlooked statement in the original announcement(s):

Spoofed calls do not come from the same number repeatedly and the heuristic approach based on call volume, geo-location, etc. does not appear to be sophisticated enough to handle the problem even when all of the spoofed numbers have the same area code and many have the same prefix.

Hopefully the software engineers at RW are on top of this. I’m not sure how interested Google is in adding a custom filter feature to their Android call blocker given that they derive their living from advertising revenue.


Thank you for the response. It makes sense RW would be more likely to address this issue than Google. All my spam calls come from one area code and none of my actual calls come from there. Let’s hope a solution is developed.


In the on-going search for the ability to block calls based on custom filters, I ran across this “feature” which is supposed to be native to Android:

Use caller ID & spam protection

Based on the description, this is the same basic tool RW has incorporated into their app. However, I notice that the Android spam protection feature is not available on my phone even though it runs Android 7.0.

It is an interesting coincidence. Earlier in the discussion, someone mentioned Android as potentially the best place to handle custom filtering. However, it seems that the dialer app is the place where this is positioned.

Does RW use a custom dialer app?


It is not. While the functionality is similar, the functionality that Republic has implemented is in the network, not in the phone or the dialer and has nothing to do with Google.

It would only be available if the manufacturer of your phone has included the Google Dialer as your phone default phone dialer.

No, Republic does not have its own dialer.


When I got this service it was a living nightmare I never had spam callers on my number I had for 6 years. It was calls voicemails threatening. I was going crazy. I complained over and over. They did the best to help. I still get them I am hoping this new feature helps. I wish the phone could block calls with no caller ID. I still get one a day …it use to be 5 a day let’s hope this new thing helps.


Feature request: please allow users to add numbers as spam