How to switch from a moto G to an unlocked moto G7 power

How do I switch my current Republic Wireless account from a moto G and activate an unlocked moto G7 power phone?

Hi @markb.htjj0y and welcome to the Member Community. We should start by clarifying if your current Moto G is a legacy Moto G1 (1st Gen). If so, that phone is a CDMA only phone (no GSM no LTE) therefore there is no SIM in the phone.

You will need to change plans if you are moving from a legacy G1 to an unlocked Moto G7 Power. The 3.0 phones must use the My Choice Plans Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless

If you will share your zip code (only) members here can help determine if GSM or CDMA coverage will work best for your area.

You will need to purchase a SIM for the Moto G7 Power. The BYOP SIM is for the GSM partner (T-Mobile) where your Moto G1 was on the CDMA partner (Sprint). If you find your coverage worse with the new phone you can request a CDMA SIM.

Here’s a Tips & Tricks article that may answer many of your questions –

And here’s a How-To with steps to activate a replacement phone.

This will get you started. Come back if you have other questions. Hope this helps!

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